Who really is ' The Lady of All Nations'

by Piet Guijt M.A.   vlag


At the end of 2016 bishop Punt of the diocese Haarlem-Amsterdam agreed with the plan for the construction of a so-called marial pilgrimage cathedral at the RAI in Amsterdam-South, a replica of the former Hagia Sophia cathedral in Turkish Istanbul. The foundation ‘Lourdes aan de Amstel’ is in the process of realizing this plan. Worshippers of the virgin Mary from the Philippines and the United States are willing to raise funds for the construction of this immense property (2).What is going on here? What is its background and what should we think about it? Therefore we have to return to the last century, when a certain Ida Peerdeman, a simple Roman Catholic woman who lived in Amsterdam, received a number of so-called Maria appearances in the period 1945-1959.

Ida Peerdeman

Ida Peerdeman was born in Alkmaar in 1905 as the youngest of a family of five children. At the age of 8 she moved with her parents to the center of Amsterdam and lived in an ordinary neighborhood and was a member of the Roman Catholic Dominicus church. She went at school for two years and wanted to become a Kindergarten leader, but that was rejected, partly because of the fact she had too little imagination. Later she worked at Boldoot as a secretary. On a certain moment she saw red letters on the paper while she was working with a black ribbon. All kinds of curses and insults were written on it (20).The first appearance that Ida Peerdeman saw (on the street) was when she was 12 years old, so in 1917. At home, there were all kinds of Poltergeist-like manifestations: "lamps went back and forth wildly, doors opened and closed themselves, and the pointers of the clock were turning around very quickly. The oven that was used rarely started smoking itself "(4). She heard strange things and sounds, and she was grabbed at her neck. At one point a voice said: pick up that piano, and she could (20). Thus, in her youth, she had extraordinary manifestations, torments and paranormal phenomena. This could indicate that Ida Peerdeman was sensitive to the paranormal world. Her father did not want her to talk about the appearances, but she had contact with her confessor, father J. Frehe (20). By this house friend, the demons were driven out by means of exorcism, so the torments ceased (4, 27).

In the years 1945 to (31 May) 1956, Ida Peerdeman received a total of 56 appearances of ‘The Lady of All Nations’, described in detail in the so-called blue booklet (3). The content we will discuss later. Because of the appearances, there have been two episcopal investigations. In the first one, only the text itself was investigated, and it was not considered to be given by Mary. Later there was a second investigation which also looked at the person who received the messages. Ida proved to be a sober person (20).In her long life, Ida Peerdeman has had to endure a lot of mockery, conception and rejection. But at high age she has just witnessed the change in the mood. Even though all other dioceses were against, on June 8 of the year 2002 (57 years after the start of the visions) bishop Punt of Haarlem (see below) declared that these appearances were of supernatural origin and authenticated. (Such a decision is always taken by the local bishop, not by Rome) (20). Ida Peerdeman thus received "ecclesiastical recognition as a Mary seer. Mohamed el-Fers succeeded as the only journalist to interview her about her wonderful and sometimes frightening years as a Catholic medium" (4).Just like in her youth, Ida Peerdeman again was attacked by dark powers in the last  years of her life. "When she lived in the mid-1980s at the Diepenbrockstraat in Amsterdam she was raised several times from her bed, bounced back and staggered in a corner of the room" (4). She passed away in 1996 at the age of 91.

Bishop Punt

How did the above-mentioned bishop Punt come to accept and even promote the visions? It is useful to know something about its background and ideas. Jozef Marianus (Jos) Punt was born in 1946 in Alkmaar. In 1974 he completed his study in economics, and deepened into esotericism and gnosticism. He also joined the Rosicrucians (Rozenkruisers). Yet he continued to read the Bible and other christian writings, and after several years, "the Lord suddenly came into his life through a special experience of Mary". "I felt like He grabbed me in my neck and put me back on the path of the faith of my youth" (9). Jos Punt decided to attend a priesthood education at the grand seminar of Rolduc of the diocese of Roermond. In 1979 he became a priest and in 1995 he was appointed to auxiliary bishop and in 2001 to bishop of the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam (15). He is known as conservative, and advocates a ‘sacred church’, a clerical church with a clear separation between the competences of lay and devoted (15). Bishop Punt has received a strong bond with Mary for he was assigned to Mary by his mother, who was a fanatic Mary-worshipper (37). Bishop Punt wants to promote the Roman Catholic faith, and it hurts him that so many people in our time are being misguided by "being bombarded daily with opinions and influences trying to wipe the faith from their hearts. And he points to the many so-called scientific books that try to convince people that God does not exist". In response, he says: "Should our Heavenly Mother look tacitly while her children are undergoing such a great trial?" (9).

From various sources we see what other views bishop Punt has. He honors Mary as "coredemptrix" and "mediator of all mercy". He has a special devotion to the appearances of Mary in Amsterdam (‘the Lady of all Nations’)(15). "On November 11, 2000, after earlier Paul Pope Paul II dedicated ‘the world’ to Maria again, mgr. Jos Punt placed the diocese of Haarlem under the protection of the virgin Mary. This happened in the O.L. Vrouwekerk in Amsterdam" (1).From the testimony of bishop Punt in 2011, we see that he thinks that the ‘holy’ Mary is also the key to unity. He says: "The prophetic voices of our time ask us more than ever to gather us around Mary, Theotokos, the mother of God, and of all peoples". "In all the great places where Mary appears, she calls us to proclaim the coming of the Holy Spirit about our wounded world". He closes with: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send your Spirit on the earth, with a special emphasis on now. This is the time of the Holy Spirit". This is the time of Mary" (9).

In a meeting with muslims, bishop Punt says that "Mary is immaculate, completely free from sin. She is the mother of believers and also a spiritual mother of all people" (35). In the video "The 5th Mary Dogma explained" (11), the four dogmas about Mary  are discussed, which, in spite of attempts to prove that, do not have a scriptural basis (33). Bishop Punt expresses the wish that the pope will acknowledge the fifth dogma (we explain that later), namely "what Mary does for the believers". Bishop Punt says: "If the church takes Mary in her midst and gives her the full size and dignity that God has forever intended for her, then there will be the power that she will then be a advocate and that the Spirit will come to our world in a new way. .... The Holy Spirit comes when we pray, and He comes in a special way when we pray for the advancement of His mother, coredemptrix and advocate".We will see that his views do not have any biblical basis. Just to join the previous paragraph: we pray in Jesus' Name to (the) Holy Spirit (John 15:16; 16:23 and 24) and Jesus is the Baptist with (literally: in) the Holy Spirit (John 1:33). See also John 16:13. In addition, we can point out that, according to Nijmegen's church historian Peter Nissen, Rome is unhappy with the Marycult: "Promoting Mary to co-redeemer is indigestible for regular Catholic theologians. Last year, in the encyclical Christ Dominus (38), the Vatican once again confirmed the uniqueness of Jesus" (37).

Content of the messages (3)

"Just before the outbreak of World War II, Ida Peerdeman receives visions about the coming war in Europe. She sees the river Oder filled with blood, fighting in the Betuwe, Mussolini hung on his feet. She describes Hitler's Adelaarsnest bunker in the mountains of Berchtesgaden. During these visions she stares in the infinity and slowly tells the audience what she hears and sees", says a quote (4). "That the -   naturally laconic, fantasyless - Ida Peerdeman had not sucked this out of her thumb, was supported by the fact that she had received other forecasting visions that came true" (27). Moreover, all this is not a guarantee for a good spiritual source. We only have to think of the girl with the spirit of divination (Acts 16:16-18).

"On March 25, 1945 (the day of commemoration that the angel Gabriel told Mary to become the mother of Jesus) the messages about ‘the Lady of all Nations’ begin. The writer P. M. Sigl indicates how it happened the first time. "We [Ida and her sisters] sat around the pot stove. It was war time and it was winter. Father Frehe was in town that day and visited us. We were busy talking when I [Ida] suddenly, I do not know how that came, was pulled to the other room. I looked and suddenly I saw a light coming. I thought: where does that light come from and what a typical light is that. I stood up and had to walk to the place of the light. There, in the corner of the room, I saw the light coming. The wall disappeared in front of my eyes and all that was standing there, was no longer there. It was one sea of ​​light and a deep depth. There was no sunlight and no electric light. What kind of light it was, I cannot explain. But it was a deep depth. And from that depth I suddenly saw a shape emerging, a living figure, a female figure, I cannot explain it. Then that figure began to speak to me. She said: "Repeat what I say". So I began to repeat her - she spoke very slowly - word by word. And then I asked: "Are you Mary?" The figure smiled and replied: "They will call me ‘The Lady’,’Mother’. With the words 'The Lady' she came with her head a little towards me. After all what that figure had said, she went away slowly. Only then did the light go away and suddenly I saw everything around me in the room as it always had been" (18).

"Most messages Ida received at home. Her sister, Truus, who is a teacher, wrote word-by-word what Ida heard from the appearance. That was possible because the ‘lady’ spoke slowly and often made long breaks before she showed to Ida a new image or gave her a new thought (14).

In a radio broadcast (20) Robert Lemm (21) said: "First, the visions go on political issues in society, sometimes even predictions about the moon landing. ‘The lady’ does not immediately tell to Ida what her purposes are. But gradually she makes them more clear to Ida. In the first five years (1945-1950) attention is focused mainly on how ‘the lady’ looks like and what she is wearing. It's not just a pious picture, a devote picture, but the painting (12) appears to be the depiction of a dogma. Only in 1951 ‘the lady’ is saying what she really wants: "I'm the co-redeemer [coredemptrix], the mediator and the advocate". So not only Jesus as the only Savior, but also Mary [‘the lady’]. She wants to be proclaimed co-redeemer: the fifth dogma. Mary already has four dogmas (11) who refer to her own person, and now she wants her biggest and last dogma, the closing piece, and that refers to what Maria does for us" (20). ‘Mary’ has promised that if her questions (requirements) will be fulfilled, she and the Holy Spirit will keep the world for filming, disaster and war, and bring the ’True Peace’ (27).

For example, we will show some statements from various messages (3):
- "I stand here as the Coredemptrix and Advocate. Repeat this: The new dogma will be the dogma of Coredemptrix” (April 29, 1951).
 - "I've crushed the snake with my foot. I have become united with the Son, as I always was with Him" (August 15, 1951).
- “The new and last dogma in marial history will be the dogma of the Coredemptrix and Mediator” (December 31, 1951).
- "Through this prayer, ‘the Lady’ will save the world. I repeat this promise again" (May 10, 1953).

Review of the messages

Because in the visions is referred to ‘the woman called Mary’, of course there is a link between Mary on the one hand and ‘the Lady of all Nations’ on the other hand. Moreover, all devotion, such as on the annual prayer days in Amsterdam (8), shows that it is supposed (and wrongly, as will be explained below) that Mary and ‘the Lady’ are the same. The addition "who once was Mary" would, in the opinion of some (25), prove the authenticity of the visions. According to one of the visions / messages (April 6, 1952), the change from Mary to ‘Lady’ would have taken place during the crucifixion of Jesus, because Jesus said to his mother, "Woman, see your Son". This statement of Jesus in John 19:27, however, means that John would take his mother Mary into his house to take care of her. Thus, it has nothing to do with a change from Mary to ‘Lady’. In addition, in two Dutch translations (NBG and Staten Vertaling) we read:  "woman, see your son" and not "lady, see your son". ‘Woman’ was an ordinary title for a woman in that time. It is remarkable that Ida Peerdeman, when she heard the term ‘who once was Mary’, had objections to it. And rightly so, because Ida Peerdeman was a sincere woman, but unfortunately she was not aware of the fact that she was deceived by spirits from the kingdom of satan!

'The lady' calls herself advocate. Also Mary is seen by many Roman Catholics as the advocate. Perhaps this has to do with the thought that Mary would be closer to Jesus than we. But then one confuses the natural with the spiritual. Think, for example, of Marc. 3:35 ("Whoever does the will of God, is My brother and sister and mother"). Neither Mary nor ‘the lady’ is our advocate. Only Jesus is our advocate. As believers in Jesus, we can go straight to Him in our prayer. "I am writing this to you, my children, so that you will not sin, but if anyone has sinned, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous one" (1 John 2:1). Also can be mentioned Rom. 8:34, which states that Jesus pleads for us. One might say: "If someone prays for another, then he is also an intercessor?” But then it's about people who live here on earth and are called to pray for others. In that sense, of course, all believers may be intercessors. And it must be remembered that intercession always happens in the name of Jesus!

In a message on August 15, 1951, ‘the lady’ says: "I've crushed the snake with my foot". In Roman Catholic circles, one sometimes refers to Genesis 3:15 ("And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed: this will crush you with the head, and you shall shatter the heel") and people think incorrectly that Mary will defeat satan. Someone said: "She [Mary] will defeat satan as is promised. She will put her feet on the head of satan". However, these statements are based on an incorrect explanation of the text mentioned. The Dutch translation (NBG) states, "This will crush you". In the Hebrew text we read "He". However, in the Vulgate, the Latin translation of Hieronymus, it is wrongly translated with "ipsa" (she). Because of that some made the mistake to think of Mary. But the woman mentioned in Gen. 3:15 is not Mary but Eve. It is certainly not the case that the devil would be defeated by Mary, but by the seed of Eve. This means that from the human race will come forth Jesus (supernaturally begotten by the Holy Spirit in the virgin Mary), and Jesus will defeat the devil. So Jesus, and not Mary or ‘the lady’ has disarmed the authorities and has openly exhibited and conquered them (Col. 2:15).

The statement "by this prayer, ‘the lady’ will save the world" in the vision of May 10, 1953, is not supported by the Word of God. Nowhere in the Bible we can read that Mary or ‘the lady’ will save the world. It is also not possible to defend it to mention Mary ‘Mother of all people’ or ‘mediator’ or ‘queen of heaven’ or ‘queen of the universe’ etc. (31). The parent's letter in ‘Mother’ suggests that Mary is almost placed on the same level as God the Father, which, incidentally, is only the heavenly Father of those people who believe in Jesus as Savior, and thus not in Mary. Also the promise of ‘the lady’ that she will bring peace when her image is spread and when to her is awarded (by the pope) the (fifth) dogma as co-savior (coredemptrix), finds no foundation in the Bible. It is not ‘the lady’ who brings peace, as some and ‘the lady’ claim, but Jesus. Only He is the prince of peace (Isaiah 9:5). Of course, every christian who lives on earth must and may be a peacekeeper, but Mary nor ‘the lady’ have a special place in it (13).As we saw before, ‘the lady’ demands a dogma for herself. It is not entirely for Mary to ask for a dogma for herself. The true Mary, the mother of Jesus, does not point to herself but to Jesus (John 2: 5). The messages of ‘the lady’ are sometimes threatening and commanding (even to the pope), which does not fit the modest mother of Jesus. ‘The lady’ actually rejects Jesus as the only Savior. The main idea of ​​the messages is: First, Jesus came into the world as Savior, now ‘the lady’ comes as co-savior (coredemptrix).

Some believe that ‘the lady’ / Mary appears in the book of Revelation, namely in Chapter 12: 1 and 2. All comments (e.g. Matthew Henry, notes on the Dutch Staten Vertaling, the Online Bible) refute that it is Mary and say that the woman is either the church of Jesus Christ or Israel (the last according to a single comment). There is a sign here, a symbol in heaven, and this sign cannot be a literal person because it indicates a spiritual truth, otherwise it would not be a sign or a symbol. It violates all the rules of the symbolism to see 'the lady' or Mary in this image of a woman. Moreover, after the ascension of Jesus, Mary did not flee to the desert to stay there for 3,5 years (28). And furthermore, that image in Revel. 12 is not in accordance with the image of ‘The Lady of all Nations’. ‘The lady’ is not on the moon but on the earth; 'the lady’ is not pregnant, while the woman in Revel. 12 is pregnant. And so there are more differences.   

In the Bible, Jesus is central

If we read and understand the Bible well, then we know that Jesus is the central Person. Jesus Christ is the One who disarmed and publicly exposed the authorities and powers and has conquered them (Col. 2:15). There is only one Mediator between God and people, namely Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2: 5,6) and thus not Mary or ‘the lady’. "Focus your eyes on Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession (Hebrews 3:1). In Hebr. 12: 2 and 3 we read: "Let your eyes be directed to Jesus only. Put your attention on Him". As mentioned before, the uniqueness of Jesus is also confessed in the encyclical Christ Dominus (38, see also 37).The devil does not want Jesus to be central because only our faith in the sacrifice of Jesus and the baptism with (in) the Holy Spirit is the death sting for the devil. Jesus is the One who gave His sinless life, and not Mary. She would never have been able to, because she also needed salvation, just like any other human being. Jesus overcame satan, and only in the name of Jesus evil spirits can be expelled and sick be healed" (Mark 16:17). All the rest is idolatry and sorcery. Think of, for example, Simon the magician (Acts 8: 4-24).One of satan's misguiding’s is to tempt people to focus on the woman Mary (as unfortunately is happening on, among other things, the prayer days in honor of  ‘The Lady of all Nations’) (16), and so taking off the attention from Jesus, the Lamb of God and the King of kings. And it also distracts attention from the real spiritual battle against the demonic powers (Ephesians 6:10 to 18).

Who in fact is ‘the lady’?

If the visions, received by Ida Peerdeman, are supernatural, the question is what is the source behind it! Something supernatural may be from God, but also from the devil. After all, also occultists and spiritists can predict the future and do healings. If one reads the various unbiblical pronouncements of ‘the lady’, one can only conclude that they were inspired by the empire of darkness (also the fact that Ida Peerdeman sometimes felt pain and fatigue and a 'Infinite void' during the visions, indicates that direction). The subtlety is caused by the fact that some statements are indeed true, but the blending of truth and lies creates confusion and is the most dangerous.

Even though we can assume true sincere intentions of believers, if we read and understand the Bible properly, we can only conclude that the visions of ‘the lady’ are demonic deceptions. The devil crafty used the existing Marycult that has no biblical foundation (13). It all looks sweet, and is intended with pious and devout, and one sees a visible image, but one is derived from the core of the biblical message, namely, that under the heaven only one name, Jesus, is given by whom we can be saved (Acts 4:12). ‘The Lady of All Nations’ is none other than a misguiding (surrogate) spirit from the empire of darkness, which hides behind or acts like ‘the lady’ and wants to draw attention to Mary / ‘the lady’ and wants to distract the attention from the only true Savior Jesus.In 1 Sam. 28: 1-25 we read of the rise of Samuel (verse 12), in that case at the request of King Saul. However, it was not Samuel who came up, but an evil spirit who performed as Samuel (29). It is in our time a known deception, of which, for example, paragnosts are the victim. Even there are books written by people (mediums), who said they spoke with e.g. 'Nostradamus' or 'Princess Diana'. Unfortunately, they do not know that they had contact with deceitful or deceiving spirits from the empire of darkness, pretending to be the aforementioned deceased persons.

In e.g. the new age world, the phenomenon of guided spirits is well known. One is looking for or getting in touch with such spirits. It is not known, however, that these so-called spirits are, in fact, demons who have the task of misleading people. It's astonishing to see how subtle satan deceives people. He appears like an angel of light. We see that very clearly in the new age book 'A Course in Miracles' (17) written by a medium, inspired by a spirit from the empire of satan. In that whole thick book, a so-called 'Jesus' speaks, but it's actually a demon pretending to be 'Jesus' who speaks of the Holy Spirit and about God, and about love, etc., but who says he did not come to die for the sins of men. And that is completely contrary to the core of God's Word, the most important test stone! 'A Course in Miracles' is a book about a false Jesus and a false holy spirit. A typical example of deception in the end time.Even though Ida Peerdeman was a simple and good woman, there were occult influences in her life and because of that she could be a medium for the evil. It is therefore very regrettable that the visions were approved by bishop Punt. And if one wants to honor only Jesus for His work of salvation, why should Mary [who was not without sin and just like every other human being to be redeemed by the blood of Jesus] be a co-savior? (10). Only Jesus has the right toe be praised and worshipped for what He did on the cross.

It is good to keep in mind the content of the concept of co-savior. If we read the Vatican Decree on Mary (32), then we see that this term is not used at all. However, it is said that Mary "by receiving Christ in this world has participated in the work of the Savior in a very special way". But this is a lot different from what is often said (unintentionally). Sometimes one mentions 1 Cor. 9:22 where Paul says that he wants to save some. And from this it is concluded that Paul would also be a co-savior. Of course one can say that, for example Mary and Paul, and also other christians (each in their own unique way, because each person is created uniquely by God), may help to spread the Kingdom of God by pointing out to the only one Savior, namely Jesus (in this sense, we all may be employees), but we are not yet a co-savior. Only He who gave His sinless life as a sacrifice is the Savior, and no one else. No other person than Jesus can and could offer a sacrifice for saving mankind, so no other human being can or could be a co-savior. This term is very misleading because it suggests something that is not real. And moreover [often unconsciously and unnoticed], this term only distract attention from the One who died and raised from the dead for us to live forever in God's presence. That danger of distraction is very clear when we read the messages of ‘the lady’.

Final remarks

In this article we made several critical comments. Of course, it is not the intention to offend fellow believers but to denounce false beliefs, teachings and interpretations and to warn one another as brothers and sisters for (sometimes subtle) deception. Anyone, despite the best intentions, may still err. The devil is extremely cunning and sly. Any misunderstanding of the biblical message decreases a clear view on the truth, which God's Word (which defiles the lie) will give us. It is important to be honest (for the truth can sometimes be painful) and to seek with fellow believers for the truth of God, because that truth makes free. Therefore, it is important for everybody to ask this question: "Do I love the truth more than my own supposed right, my good name or my tradition?". For the unconscious fear of the possible consequences of facing the truth can lead a person to close himself for the truth. Therefore, Jesus says, "If you remain in My Word, you will truly be disciples of Me, and you shall understand the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8: 31 and 32). The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, will lead us into it and bring all true believers into true unity (34).

© Drs. Piet Guijt

Zoetermeer, 2017

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