The Naked Truth


The Naked Truth  

W.J.A Pijacker Hordijk, MA

It's been a while since the first "streakers" shocked the public by running through the streets naked. It still happens today; some people protest bull fighting, for example, by running naked through the streets of Pamplona, carrying slogans. A guaranteed attention-getter! Streakers also crash sports events (such as tennis) sometimes. Nevertheless, public nudity is presently illegal and not widely accepted, particularly when it involves obscenity and indecency. Rightfully so?


Nudism simply means not wearing clothes, or nude recreation. According to the Dutch van Dale dictionary, nudism is a philosophy of life which subscribes to the idea that men and women relaxing and playing sports naked in the open air, promotes spiritual and physical health and helps people to relate to their own bodies in a natural way (1). Allthough nudists are still a minority, nude beaches are continually expanding. In 1986, nude recreation ceased to be a criminal offense. And even in places where nude recreation is not allowed, it is often tolerated. The police, it seems, have better things to do with their time than enforcing these rules.

Many nudists claim that nudism is not erotic, but that's hard to believe. If naked bodies don't arouse you in the least. . . The alarming and increasing number of porn addicts still proves that men, in particular, are visually oriented and easy to arouse. It seems unlikely that nudists are frigid.


The van Dale dictionary does not distinguish between nudism and naturism; it states that naturism is nudism, with a secondary meaning of: a philosophy of life which regards nature as the basis of creation (2). Naturism, then, goes much farther than nudism, because naturism is more a way of life.

In France, the term naturism was used for the first time in 1778 by a writer named Planchon, who used this word as the title of his book. His work promoted a more hygienic way of life through the observation of natural laws. Still, naturism didn't really catch on until the 1920s, when physician-hygienists and other adherents of this way of life began to popularize a healthier life style. This naturist movement emerged in part as a reaction to Victorian morals and the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany and France. Initially, this naturist group was based on a mystical or theosophical foundation. Later on this mystical aspect drifted to the background, even though the ideological aspect, as seen in vegetarianism, pacifism, moderation, abstinence from certain stimulants, a preference for natural food and medicine, community, etc., has never left naturism entirely (3). Naturism is a philosophy of life which regards nature as the basis of creation. Naturists, then, adhere to an entire philosophy which goes much further than nude recreation. The most fanatic naturists resemble orthodox believers. They don't eat meat or treated vegetables, and they don't wear leather shoes. They don't smoke or drink alcohol, and they are concerned about the environment. And when they go camping, they are required to do so in the buff. In 1994, the Dutch Federation of Naturist Organizations represented about 50,000 members. They wish to spend their free time in an environment which offers warmth, water, and right-minded people. They enjoy being close to nature, and attach a lot of importance to a healthy way of life. Respect for yourself and other people. Naturism emphasizes respect for all people, including their differences and peculiarities. Being naked together ensures that you accept people's bodies with their good qualities and their defects. Away from the daily grind, body and spirit are able to free themselves, as it were, because being in harmony with nature makes you feel good. In a very natural way, everyone contributes to the preservation of peace in the area and keeping it clean.

Many aspects of this way of life, such as concern for the environment, moderation, abstinence from certain stimulants, thinking about what you eat, and community, are things that most christians would heartily agree with. Many christians could learn a lot from it. But going back to the beginning seems idealistic, even unattainable.

In the beginning. . .

Naked toddlers on the beach don't bother us. What about naked adults? The first man and woman on this earth were created with a certain age. In other words, God did not create Adam and Eve as children, but as adults who were sexually mature. God commanded them to "reproduce": "Be fruitful and multiply." The work of creation was to be continued. God created both of them naked, and they did not feel self-conscious around each other. It was a natural thing at that point; discomfort would not appear until later. Nakedness was the norm, of course. The animals didn't wear clothes either, after all. They had nothing to hide, literally and figuratively. Innate shame did not exist until after the Fall. Adam and Eve did not realize they were naked until after had been seduced into sin by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Creation (a more accurate term than "mother" nature) is a fallen creation, no matter how beautiful it is even now. The first couple felt uncomfortable. It happened just as the devil predicted: their eyes were opened. But what they saw was not what they had expected! It's likely that this is the first time that humans became aware of the "other" who sees and judges you. Through disobedience their arcadian, innocently shameless nakedness was transformed into shame, guilt, and fear. The result was mutual alienation. "Naked" doesn't just mean "nude, unclothed", but also visible, vulnerable, and defenseless.

The hair on the sexual organs starts appearing at sexual maturity, and it is no coincidence that in Dutch we call it "shame hair" (Translator's note: in English we have 'pudenda' a somewhat formal term for private parts, which is Latin for 'shameful things'.) Adam and Eve weren't unself-conscious anymore, and so they made primitive clothes for themselves out of fig leaves. Later on God appears to consolidate this emergency solution for the private parts. The first animal that was killed, was sacrificed in order to cover people's shame (4). This garment was not intended primarily as protection against the elements such as cold or sun; rather, it was a subsititutional covering for sin. Ever since then, public nakedness is associated with shame and disgrace. Noah wasn't washed away by flood waves of water, but by a splash of alcohol. He drank more than he should have. Alcohol loosened his moral inhibitions (5), and we read that Noah exposed himself. This happened within the privacy of his tent. (Did he have a semi-nomadic life style after the flood?) His son Ham saw his naked father, which amused him and caused him to lose repect for his father. Was this an offense of such a serious nature that it should result in a terrible curse? Didn't Ham merely look? What did he do to his father? Some people think that he took off all his father's clothes, others go even further by theorizing that he sexually assaulted his father or even castrated him so he wouldn't be able to father more children, and the inheritance wouldn't have to be divided among more children. This is speculation, however, and reads much more into the text than is actually there. The other two sons Shem and Japheth, listening to their conscience, took a robe, laid it on their shoulders, walked backwards with their faces averted so they wouldn't see their naked father, and covered him. All this happened long before the law, which makes us conscious of sin, had been given (6). God's laws, given to Moses, express in no uncertain terms that "exposing your shame" is forbidden (7). Sometimes "exposing your shame" means to have sexual intercourse. God's laws were in sharp contrast with the practices of Canaan, which the Lord abhorred. And if He abhors it, then I want to abhor it, too. That is the literal meaning of "confess": to say the same thing. "Do not walk in the ways of the nations I will drive out before you, for the things they have done are an abomination to me"

Jerusalem is also pictured as a girl developing into a woman. God himself found her and covered her nakedness with clothing (8).

Even Jesus, although he is the God-man without sin, did not go around naked, not even in his glorified body. He did hang naked on the horrible cross, despite the somewhat romanticized depticions of crucifixes with loin cloths. (9). This was the apex, or rather, the rock bottom, of humiliation. It is not unlikely that the darkness (the concentrated sin) at three o'clock in the afternoon may have been God's way of covering his son's disgrace (10).

Similarly, Jews literally had nothing to hide behind, and their unspeakable humiliations included nakedness. The humiliated and exalted Jesus counsels us to buy white garments from him, that we might put them on and cover the shame of our nakedness. Nakedness and poverty often go together. How can you buy clothes without money? (11). This, too, is grace. These white garments have been washed (symbolically, of course) in the blood of the Lamb. "Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed" It is obvious that what is referred to here is metaphorical rather than literal nakedness (12).

Not only do we hide our bodies from other people with our clothes, our thoughts are hidden, too. We'd probably die of embarrassment if everyone could see exactly what we were thinking. Socially speaking, nakedness signifies dependence, poverty, sorrow, misery and disgrace (13). In addition, nakedness carries the meaning of "disembodied soul" (14).

An upside-down world

The Fall marks the great revolution. Before, nakedness was a natural thing without shame. Since the Fall it is the other way around. As children get older, they lose their physical unself-consciousness. When they have reached the "age of discernment", they are all too conscious of their bodies. Although there are many things I had to teach my children--I learned that there are very few things, unfortunately, that can be taken for granted--this is not the case when it comes to covering their nakedness. Mom and dad are not part of the bath and shower routine anymore. The door to the bathroom has a lock, which they are sure to use. Public latrines are still a rarity. In spite of all modern philosophies, bathroom doors have locks!

It is worth noting that even communist, and therefore atheist, countries, display great intolerance towards nakedness and sex. They were and are very aware of their undermining potential and considered them "dangers to the state." The political left did promote sex in non-communist countries inorder to facilitate revolution (15), but in their own countries they did everything to suppress it.

Almost all so-called primitive peoples cover their private parts. Exceptions prove the rule. The ancient Greeks practiced sports in the nude. There was only one woman present: the priestess of Demeter. Our word gymnasium, the Greek term for the athletic facility, is derived from the Greek word "gumnos": "naked". In Roman bath houses people were naked. Still, even if communal nakedness on the beach, in the sauna, or during sports are culturally acceptable, it is not according to God's will, for these practices deny the historic Fall and its consequences. A christian should not be guided by the views and practices of Scandinavians or African tribes, but by the Word of God which transcends place and time. Free love, by the way, has very little to do with love, intimacy, and security, and a lot with self-centered hedonism. You must realize that a fierce spiritual battle rages behind free-sex practices. Once again, the devil is not very original. He crudely violates and desecrates God-given sexuality. Note: sexuality was invented, so to speak, by God, and He pronounced it very good. If God does not exist, however, then everything is permitted, because there is no absolute moral standard. But if He does exist, we will be judged justly. Where are the prophets and the pastors who have the courage to raise their voices on this battlefield of the naked body? Where are the couples who marry symbolically, but very meaningfully, in pure white garments, and who desire to live that way? Where are the parents, where are the churches who teach by word and example the kind of godly sexuality that leads to wholeness? Even though there is a blessing in keeping God's laws, we cannot impose them on the world. Christians, on the other hand, do not have the freesom to take or leave God's commands; their yardstick the word of God. Let us therefore unmask darkness with light, and lies with the truth.


Animals don't feel shame. For humans, shame is both innate and learned. "Shame is a kind of instinctive fear which leads to secretiveness or hiding, and usually attaches itself to things of a sexual nature. This instinctive dread is reinforced by clothing." (16).

Lindijer advances four propositions about shame:

1. Shame occurs when we feel exposed.

2. Shame is the result of an inner tension between what we would like to be and what we

actually are.

3. Shame occurs when there is a shamer and someone receptive to being shamed.

4. Shame has to do with boundaries, and how these are handled. (17)

It's also worth noting that shame is a result of sin, and it is connected to your conscience. Should you be ashamed of shame? No, it is a dam which holds back sin. Are intimacies not allowed? Is "let it all hang out" the new gospel? No, we should be embarrassed about impertinence and shamelesness, because these things reduce us to the level of animals!


Return to paradise!?

Our longing for paradise, full of perfection, harmony and happiness, is justifiable and understandable. But without the Lord Jesus Christ this longing cannot be fulfilled. Jesus is in paradise and without Him there is no paradise (18).

Nevertheless, there are several sects (the Adamites or Adamians or Nudists) who practice their religion in the nude. They call their church paradise. They want to become like Adam and Eve.

around 1530 AD, here was an Adamite sect among Dutch Anabaptists whose converts had to undress completely in the church to prove that sensual desires no longer had any hold on them. We also find cultic nudity in other religions (19). Sex and religion often go hand in hand. Temple prostitution was physical as well as spiritual adultery.

"Back to they way things were before the Fall! Through naturism you learn to accept yourself. It's supposed to lead to more respect for yourself, others, and nature. Worship the sun in your birthday suit." There is, however, a dark side: the popularity of the tanned look has led to a an increase in cases of skin cancer in the Netherlands (20). "Relaxing without clothes is liberating. Paradise is here and now!" --these seem to be the naturist mottos. Most nudists deny the Fall, but it's impossible to go back to paradise. What's done is done. Cherubs guarded the Garden of Eden with flaming swords. Naturism goes hand in hand with post-christianity, with secularism. No matter how much most men like to see nudity, they usually don't want their own wives to expose themselves, nor would they do it themselves. People are eager to disconnect nakedness and sex, or nakedness and indecency, but not very many are actually spiritual enough to succeed. Let's not be naive. Don't underestimate the strength and the power of sin! Voyeurism is easier than participation. In the light of these facts, continuing with nude recration in public amounts to leading the weak into temptation. Bathseba, bathing innocently, did not intend to seduce a man into adultery. Again, men are easily visually stimulated, so it's understandable that her beauty proved to be irresistable for her neighbor David, which resulted in a massive crisis in his life. One sin so easily leads to another (21). Denying the Fall, which created a chasm between man and his Creator, means also denying our need for the Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus means: The Lord saves, or rescues, that is, from sin. To take this to its logical conclusion: if there is no sin, then Jesus died on the cross in vain. "Christian Naturism" is therefore a contradiction in terms, like cursing in church.

In our country, naturism is also problematic because of our climate; it's simply unpractical. For men, especially, nakedness arouses lust. And even if you (women in particular) do not have these associations, or if you are able to handle these things maturely, most people are weak in this area and easily tempted. Hence the command: "Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well. Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers (22). In general, sexuality is awoken much too early in children, whether consciously or unconsciously, and as a result they have to learn at a young age to be good stewards of these powerful primal urges. Once the genie is out of the bottle, self-control is put to the test. Even unconscious awakening of lust may lead to sexual assault, rape and incest, and all the misery these things entail. Feelings that seem like paradise can turn into hellish pain. And watch out: romantic attraction can turn into hate at the drop of a hat! (23).

In spite of all this, it seems that the only taboo left these days is taboo itself. Everything is okay. Nothing is off-limits. Let it all hang out. We want to be able to see everything for ourselves. Get rid of these patronizing movie ratings, because we are autonomous. Modern, autonomous man will decide for himself what is and what isn't spiritually healthy (24). Which means you'll never see enough, because "the eyes of man are never satisfied" The watcher, "homo zappiens", gets what he wants when he want it. Literature, radio and television, even the phone and especially the internet, offer a glut of porn. And if that doesn't tittilate you anymore, you can move from soft to hard porn (with violence), to child porn, to "homo porn", and if you keep going in that direction it's inevitable that sex with animals should also be okay and should be shown. Thus the downward spiral, at the bottom of which we find death greedily grining up at us.

Ted Bundy was called the serial killer of the century. He deceived, seduced, assaulted, abducted, raped, torured, murdered, and maimed at least thirty girls and women. Ted himself stated that it was porn that set him on the road to these sexual murders. He moved from soft porn to hard, sadistic porn, and he ended up acting out what he read and watched. . . Bundy, who was convicted in 1989, warned parents against the dangers of unhealthy movies on tv (26). He ought to know! This may be an extreme case, but it is clear that porn has consequences. In spite of this, porn is no longer a crime in the Netherlands. H.J.C van Marle, Ph.D, a psychiatrist who treats sexual offenders, states: "The more porn, the more disturbed people" (27). All you need is sex? Sex is terrorizing our society. Is there a difference in principle between child porn and "regular" porn? We worship the god "Tolerance". Free sex, venereal diseases (including the still deadly AIDS), and sexual offenses will increases rather than decrease because of this attitude. Standards and values? ---whatever, just decide for yourself (28). Whether it's shamelessly indecent or not, there is big money involved, so it should be allowed. Money doesn't stink, after all. Mammon is honored. If you want to sell a product, a dose of sex guarantees success. In advertisements the naked body is a popular and obvious attention-getter. The sex industry and the drug trade are big business, part and parcel of the world of criminals, and they are bait laid out by the prince of darkness himself.

Conclusion: without Jesus, our surrogate paradise is hell!

A spiritual perspective

The fact that nude rituals are an essential element of satanism and witchcraft should be a red flag. For tax purposes the church of Satan is more like a vulgar a sex club than a religious institution. Viewing nakedness is not without consequences for most people. One thing leads to another: seeing (being tempted is not a sin) -> lust (sin starts in our thoughts) _> sinning by taking (29). Nakedness without sexual connotations is a rare occurance. Joseph was conscious of the primal power of sexuality and did not put it to the test. On the contrary, he chose the wisest course of action: he fled. Did this make him a coward, a weakling? Not at all; it's evidence of self-knowledge. He was committed to purity. Even when his mistress gave him a direct order, he refused to "drink deep of love" with a woman who did not belong to him (30). Nobody just falls into sin; you gradually slide into it. "But each one is tempted when , by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed" (31). Does this process sound familiar? It's true that there is nothing wrong with nudity, as long as it's within the confines of marriage. Anything else is half-truths or tricks from the quiver of the enemy. In Hebrew there is a play on words, a similarity between cunning (arum) and naked (arom) (32). Don't be fooled by his subtle strategies. "Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's deisre. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." This accusation and declaration come from Jesus, who is the Truth. Sexuality is not sinful in itself; it is sacred. It is intended for one man and one woman within marriage, for the purpose of procreation and enjoyment. Contrary to one-sided and dualistic notions, the body is not sinful, either. Every person is created in God's image. The body of the christian is even called a temple of the Holy Spirit (34). "The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord."

Functions of clothing

According to Genesis, clothing was used primarily for ethical reasons. Clothing also offers protection against the climate and the environment. Clothes promote hygiene and hide less attractive body parts. Or should even women who are menstruating and incontinent people be naked? What about patients with STD's, or handicapped people? Clothing also serves as decoration. Not every naked person looks attractive. Not everyone is able to appreciate naked seniors or obese folks. The fashion and clothing manufacturing industries are an entrenched part of our culture. The way we dress says a lot about ourselves. It's a way for people to express themselves, to be different. Some people use clothes to alleviate a sense of shame. Others dress to be attractive or to seduce. Taking off your clothes very slowly (strip tease) creates enormous erotic tension. Our apearance reflects our inner selves. It's not easy to find a healthy balance between vanity and sloth, between seductive and attractive.

White garments are frequently mentioned in the Bible, where they symbolize purity and holiness. In some churches, when people are baptized (with their clothes on!), they are covered with a white garment immediately after they come out of the water. Black garments are associated with heaviness, sin, and sorrow.

Legitimate nudity

This tittilating subject requires a balanced approach. We must never forget that the Lord originally created human beings without clothes on, and that even today we are born naked. "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart" (35). The human body is a marvelous creation. and even if your body will never win a prize for beauty, don't panic, because God values each person not for the things he does, nor for the way he looks, but because of who he is. Let us not be reduced to the kind of dualism which values soul and spirit above the body. God created the human body in his image, too. This body will not be destroyed, but transformed into the same kind of glorified body that Jesus already has (36). Our Creator placed sexuality in every human being. He even pronounced it "very good" As I said before, nakedness is restricted to the relationship of one man and one woman within the secure protection of marriage. Nakedness and sexuality are not sinful in and of themselves.

Jesus does not mince words in his sermon on the mount: "Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery woth her in his heart" (37). Which man has not been guilty of this? The prayer tassels with the blue purple thread were meant to be a reminder not to follow your heart or your eyes and thus be tempted to commit adultery (38). Is it permitted to enjoy female beauty, for example in a dance? "Come back. come back, O Shullamite; come back, come back, that we may gaze on you!" (39). Are you able to watch without impure, lustful thoughts? Job declared he had made a covenant with his eyes. How then could he look upon a virgin? (40). We do not advocate a Victorian kind of prudishness, but rather purity and holiness.

In the arts the nude is a recurring, age-old theme. Great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Picasso and Rodin favored nudes. The difference between erotic and obscene art always makes for heated discussions. The English language has two words for unclothed: 'naked' and 'nude' (Translator's note: in Dutch there is only one word: 'naakt'). Nude has no unpleasant connotations. Naked has associations of being robbed of your clothes, and the feelings of embarrasment and shame that go along with it. Drawings of nudes are more acceptable to most people than painted ones, as are African nudes compared to Caucasian ones. Going topless to get a tan is more offensive than breastfeeding in public. We must not underestimate the enormous power of erotic images.


Medicine is another field where nudity is disconnected from sexuality. Showing your body to a physician, a midwife, etc., is so accepted in our culture that someone who has a problem with it must be considered a little peculiar. Yet, despite the trust we place in medical personnel (red-blooded people, after all, not robots without feelings), this trust is misused and violated only too often. They have an obligation to respect the boundaries of their patients and exercise restraint.

Thus we can make a distinction between natural, sexual, and artistic nudity.


Keep in mind that an objective essay such as this one has its place, but that a sexually charged atmosphere is not receptive to rational arguments. . . I choose to make a conscious effort not to expose myself to the nakedness of others, yet that is exactly what my flesh does want to do. This is my inner battle. The winner is the one who is fed the most. "Flee flirting!" Erlo Stegen, a man who was used mightily in the revival among the Zulus, writes: "During times of revival the Sacred Scriptures become the most precious and necessary book. Day and night people are reading the Word of God. No papers, magazines, other books, literature, or even pornography absorb christians as much as the Bible." (41). Still, christians are not immune to lust, and many have stumbled in this area. Pray to God for help! Let someone pray for you, if necessary! "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness" (42).


"Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like a bazing fire, like a mighty flame."


" Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires" (43).


Conclusion: there are many serious esthetic, hygienic, ethical, and especially theological problems with recreational nudity.


W.J.A Pijacker Hordijk, MA

Updated january 2007


Translated by Mariette Brotnov




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